The Dombes - Golfing Paradise

The Land of a thousand lakes
The region of THE DOMBES is famous for its lakes, flora and fauna.It’s a perfect place for walking and getting closer to nature. Located between Lyon and Geneva, the Dombes is also a golfing paradise with 5 golf clubs, six 18-hole courses, 5 restaurants and 2 hotels:

  • La Bresse Golf Course
  • Le Clou Golf Club
  • Le Gouverneur
  • Garden Golf de Mionnay
  • La Sorelle Golf Club

The Dombes, Land of Golf Association aims to develop the Dombes as a golf destination set in a pristine natural landscape.
5 Golf Clubs, 6 Courses
Set in a pristine natural landscape

5 Golfs

Set in a pristine natural landscape

La Sorelle Golf Club,

A golf-hotel-restaurant complex bursting with rural charm
18 holes - Par 72
An undulating, technical course
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La Bresse Golf Club,

One of the most stunning courses in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
18 holes - Par 72
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Le Clou Golf Club,

A haven of peace where you can unwind and reconnect with nature
18-hole course
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Le Gouverneur Golf Club,

One of France’s largest golf clubs
45-hole course
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Mionnay Golf Club,

An 18-hole course and a training centre that is unique in Europe
18 holes - Par 71
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The Dombes, a region to explore

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